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Hisham Talaat Group the number one in sales and profits

The Talaat Moustafa Group announced in early January that it had achieved real estate sales of 20.4 billion pounds during the past year.
The group said in a statement to the Egyptian Stock Exchange, that the sales achieved by Talaat Moustafa came a slight difference from last year, by 900 million pounds, or 4% only, despite the remarkable slowdown in the real estate movement in the second half of 2019, which prompted some developers Real estate to offer sales offers that include the availability of longer installments with no prepaid requirements or a reduction in selling prices in order to increase their sales.
The group attributed the slight decrease in its sales from 2018 to the acquisition of 4 billion pounds in Al Rehab and Madinati schools by 4 years ago, compared to the sale of one school in 2019 with a value of 300 million pounds, as well as the launch of the sale of the Celia administrative capital project in 2018, Which benefited from the great demand for the group’s projects in new geographical regions.

Talaat Moustafa Group has invested in the new administrative public, to evaluate its largest private sector projects to date, Celia, on an area of 500 acres, with investments amounting to 33 billion pounds.

The direction of Talaat Moustafa came to the administrative capital to attract the attention of the Egyptian and Arab private sector to the new administrative capital that the Egyptian government is building.